Part Truck Load (PTL)


Part Truck Load (PTL) We have designed in the interest of our customers, faster than LTL and fewer transhipments, and is more cost effective. We match the best carriers in the industries as per our customers needs.

What is Part Truck Load or Partial  Truck Load (PTL) ?

Partial or Part load (PTL) shipment means your load takes space for a Part truck. Many different shipments are kept together in a truck and transported to different shipment locations or logistics centers. In part load booking facility, you will pay only for your load capacity. During part-load shipping process, the shipment can be reloaded to another truck which will arrange the delivery to consignee’s location.

Minimize your logistics cost with RNGT’s part load services!

RNGT, one of the top road transport companies in India based at Vapi keeps your supply chain moving regardless of the size of your consignment. RNGT PTL logistics services bring together not just specialized equipment to carry your heavy cargo, but also efficient delivery services. Our specialized team ensures that your part-load consignment will arrive safely and timely to the right destination.

Your Own Fleet vs Logistic Company ?

Maintaining your own cargo and courier transporting fleet involves lots of money and also, requires a huge amount of maintenance. In such situations, it is always advisable to hire specialist and economical logistics companies to get immediate peace of mind. We at RNGT- VAPI, offer full Truck Load (FTL), Part Truck Load (PTL), Container, Trailer, Warehousing, Parcel / Sundry, Express Services, Supply Chain  services at minimized cost, promising damage-free and timely delivery.

As the top online trucking  company, we enable our clients to book part load services instantly using our website or calling our 24Hr help line  .

Our Part Load Truckload fleet includes different models such as EICHER 14 FEET, CONTAINER 20 FT and many other. With our industry-specific expertise, multimodal capabilities and valuable experience across the road, air, rail and sea, we offer a customized, advanced and innovative part-load service to our customers.

What makes RNGT the most preferred truck booking company?

Less Freight Handling:

We often follow one truck policy. In most cases, we load the cargo in the truck that is directly going to the customer’s destination. The customer can ensure that the goods are safely loaded right in front of their eyes with proper handling and care.

Faster Delivery:

When one truck is involved, even your Part Truck Load consignment gets delivered just like a full truck load consignment.

Pay for the space of your cargo:

Instead of paying for the entire truck you just have to pay for the space that your cargo utilizes.

Track Your Consignment: 

We offer online tracking for your consignment so that you are worry-free and rest assured that your cargo is on time