Supply Chain

supply chain

RNGT is a leading provider of specialized services in integrated multi-mode solutions for the transportation of bulk and container cargo. We provide a single window for businesses that seek seamless transportation, warehousing, supply chain management and trucking.

RNGT SCS encompasses all the needs of a value-seeking progressive client – right from ‘conceptualization to implementation’.

RNGT’s mission is to be the most admired service provider of integrated supply chain solutions. RNGT SCS brings a lot of commitment to its partnerships with its clients.

Operating in the value space with a rich talent pool, we are providing innovative, customized and path-breaking solutions.
RNGT SCS has expertise in key verticals such as Auto, Omni-Channel Retail, Hi-tech &Telecom, Chemicals, Healthcare and Cold Chain.

An in-house team of Expert Analysts blend the client’s objectives with a Supply Chain Design – be it a new organization or an organization seeking to re-engineer its supply chain.

These thoughts are put into practice by customizing the client’s inbound (IBL) and outbound logistics (OBL), warehouse planning and management, Yard Management, Supply chain design and reengineering, information management and skills to deliver a sustainable solution as a Lead Logistics Provider (LLP/3 PL / 4 PL)

The uniqueness of the RNGT-SCS is the domain knowledge, and ownership of critical assets (Vehicles, Modern Warehouses –dry and temperature controlled, Material handling equipment, Material Storage Systems ) coupled with the footprint of Associated companies in Freight, Express Cargo and Courier, Shipping, Freight Forwarding & Customs Clearance.

Our core skill set includes
  • Operating on shorter product life cycles.
  • WMS to manage inventory effectively.
  • Multi-modal transportation.
  • Dynamic supply chain network design.
  • Modern warehousing management using RFID, Bar Code, ASRS, Pick/Put to Light, Cart to Rack, etc.
  • Managing the entire flow of information across the channel using software for Inbound Logistics, Outbound Logistics and Warehouse management creating ‘Glass pipeline” visibility