Over dimensional consignments moving is not an easy task. RNGT are always ready to provide customised solutions to our customers with the assurance of safe and cost-effective services. Customers can choose the trailer as per their requirements.

Flat Deck Trailer

A flat deck is the most common type of trailer because it is used to transport all kinds of bulky, heavy, or oversized pieces of equipment.

The loading options with these trailers also vary and allow for loading from the sides or above. Although this trailer does not provide shelter for cargo during transportation. Our carriers are happy to tarp your goods to keep dirt and moisture away on the road.

Step Deck Trailer

Like flat deck trailers, step decks allow for the easy transportation of heavy equipment. It also provides the bonus of being able to transport taller loads. In most cases, step deck trailers are used to move tall machines or loads that require an additional height clearance.

Double Drop Trailer

If the height clearance on a step-deck trailer is not enough, a double drop can be used to provide extra clearance. Double drop trailers are also available in a removable gooseneck model. It makes it easier for machines to be driven up onto the deck of the truck.


Super B trailers and B-trains are a variation on the flat deck that allows for two smaller decks to be combined rather than using a single trailer. This type of trailer can be loaded with 30% more weight than a traditional flat deck and works well for manoeuvring into tight spaces as each deck can be loaded separately.

Temperature Controlled Trailer

Temperature-controlled or “Reefers” trailers are most often used to transport goods that require products to be kept at a specific temperature, either warmer or cooler than the ambient temperature. These trailers are predominantly used for food products, medications, liquids or chemicals, and floral products.

Dry Vans

Primarily used for retail applications, dry vans are full-sized, enclosed trailers which are perfect for transporting boxed or skidded freight. They are designed to allow for the safe and dry transport of even the most delicate products.